Richard Leonard, Head of Road Safety, Safety, Engineering & Standards, Highways England

Richard Leonard is the Head of Road Safety at Highways England, which manages, maintains and improves the motorway and major road network in England.

He is responsible for providing road safety expertise and leads on a broad range of road safety areas including: the development of road safety strategy/policy; corresponding research and development; identification and funding of safety investment programmes; technical design standards for road layout; road safety risk assessments; and technical assurance of schemes.

He is actively involved in developing wider national road safety policy and informing wider supporting agendas.

He has over 20-years’ experience in transport planning and engineering developing and delivering complex and challenging projects/programmes and has a significant experience across a broad range of transport disciplines including: Transport Policy/Strategy; Development Control/Land Use Planning; Smarter Choices; Stakeholder Management/Communications; Highway Design; Transport Economics and Transport Modelling.

He has previously worked in private sector consultancies and in local authorities within the West Midlands.

Presentation: Delivering a Safer Network – A Collaborative Approach

This presentation will provide an overview of Highways England’s activities, with a focus on the commercial incident prevention programme.