About the conference

The challenge

In 2018, 52 commercial vehicle drivers were killed on Britain’s roads (38 LGV drivers and 14 HGV drivers), while 609 suffered serious injuries (463 LGV and 146 HGV) – making a total of 661 KSIs (501 LGV and 160 HGV). Total casualties were 4,825 (3,945 LGV and 880 HGV).

Light Goods Vehicles travelled a total of 51 billion vehicle miles during 2018, with HGVs covering 17 billion vehicle miles.

The corresponding casualty rates were 77 per billion vehicle miles for LGVs and 52 per billion vehicle miles for HGVs.

This free-to-attend conference will set out to understand the issues behind these casualty statistics, and provide a set of tools and resources to help fleet operators improve their safety performance and reduce collisions.

Who should attend?

The conference is intended for owners, senior managers and fleet managers from organisations operating commercial vehicle fleets of all sizes from 3.5 tonne upwards.

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