Simon Turner, Campaign Manager, Driving for Better Business

Driving for Better Business is a government-backed Highways England programme helping employers reduce work-related road risk and improve operational efficiency – and it’s completely free!

Simon Turner has been the campaign manager for the last five years tasked with raising awareness and creating resources for fleet operators to use. Simon is also an acknowledged fleet risk management expert with 15 years’ experience covering:

  • Management obligations for work-related road safety
  • Compliance under HSE guidance and health and safety at work legislation
  • Road risk gap analysis,  policy development and review
  • Staff engagement and communications
  • Vehicle safety systems and collision avoidance technology
  • Safety events and conferences

Simon is also chairman of the Association for Road Risk Management

Presentation: It’s Not Just Business as Usual
Do any of your staff drive as part of their job?

Maybe you have a sales team, regional managers, service engineers, delivery drivers or even staff using their own cars for business journeys.

Driving is often seen as a consequence of a job rather than a safety-critical aspect yet it is well-established as one of the highest risk activities that most employees will ever undertake. It's called work-related road risk and all employers have a legal, moral and financial duty to manage their drivers and vehicles properly.

Failure to do so doesn't just put drivers and other road users at risk. It can put directors and senior managers, reputations - even the business itself at risk.

Simon will talk through the vital need for employers to show strong leadership when managing work-related road risk. The presentation will cover essential areas for gap analysis along with the significant business benefits that come from good management.