Nick Caesari FCILT, Chief Executive Officer, Fleet Source Ltd

Nick is the founder and CEO of Fleet Source Ltd, the UKs largest provider of FORS professional training and a top ten driver CPC training provider.  Fleet Source provides an innovative approach to simplify the legal obligations for work-related road transport and a comprehensive range of products and services that provide operational confidence in compliance, safety and environmental awareness.  Fleet Source continue to play a leading role in giving drivers and operators the knowledge, tools and experience they need to perform their roles safely and responsibly.

Nick has spent the past 30 years providing various fleet solutions, including bespoke vehicle-based routing for all bus operations for the London 2012 Olympics. Helping to preventing road traffic incidents is Nick’s number one priority at Fleet Source. The greater the challenge, the greater the incentive to evolve the Fleet Source training portfolio and improve driving safety standards.

Presentation:  The real cost of an accident to businesses
Fleet Source has commissioned an independent research agency to find out the true cost an accident has to a business.  Nick will present the findings, and will be joined by Victoria LeBrec, Campaign Manager at Road Peace and a survivor of a road accident, to discuss the finding.