Marcus de Guingand, Managing Director, Third Pillar of Health

Marcus de Guingand is the Managing Director of Third Pillar of Health, a company that helps organisations improve key business metrics by helping staff overcome the debilitating health, safety and productivity effects of tiredness, sleep deprivation and fatigue.

Marcus has worked with a wide range of organisations - from multi-national household names, smaller companies and the public sector - to address a range of issues relating to tiredness and fatigue. Marcus is also passionate about trying to combat driver fatigue, especially for work and believes that current methods, where they are even employed, are woefully inadequate.

Presentation: The benefits of driver fatigue management

This presentation will explain how tackling fatigue and poor sleep among your drivers will lead to a virtuous circle which will show on your bottom line. Healthier, happier and well-rested employees are less likely to be absent through illness and are less inclined towards presenteeism. Poor mental health, poor sleep and fatigue are common companions.

By tackling fatigue you can improve mental health and reduce overall stress levels - the most common reason for long term ill health. Every day of driver fatigue costs your company in lost productivity, higher accident rates and missed opportunities.