Jason Simms, TyreSafe

TyreSafe is the UK’s charity dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of regular tyre maintenance and the dangers of defective tyres. TyreSafe was founded in 2006 and has over 120 official supporters, ranging from tyre and vehicle manufacturers and retailers, to Asda and Chelsea Football Club.

Jason Simms has been TyreSafe’s communications lead for five years, driving both internal and external outreach across all media channels, whether traditional or digital.

An essential part of this role has been extending TyreSafe’s stakeholder engagement to encourage awareness of tyre safety to all organisations, whether large or small, commercial or public-owned. Jason represents TyreSafe at meetings of the National Road Police Operations and Intelligence group (formerly NRPIF) and works closely with partners such as Highways England, the Fire Service, Police and Trading Standards.

Presentation: Britain works on tyres – tyre safety’s daily relevance to commercial vehicle operators