Chris Carter, Chief Executive Officer, Pheonix International

Chris Carter is the chief executive officer at Pheonix International, an organisation that uses the latest technologies including virtual reality and immersive training to bring companies training needs to life.  Their philosophy is 'Tomorrows Solutions Today’.

Chris has spent the last 15 years working internationally in EMEA and APAC regions for some of the world’s largest cement producers, improving road safety performance and gaining recognition awards for excellence and leadership. Chris holds a master’s degree in supply chain management and has extensive knowledge of transport, logistics, health & safety and security.

Presentation: Virtual reality training
Virtual reality is the creation of a virtual environment presented to our senses in such a way that we experience it as if we were really there.  It allows users the ability to transport to realistic, risk-reduced work scenarios, where they can holistically learn the skills and procedures attached to a certain role in a safe environment.

Benjamin Franklin said: "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will learn. . ."

Trainees remember 90% of the learning gained through 'what they do' via a simulated experience, opposed to just 50% of recall through 'what they see' and 'what they hear' which is the current and traditional practice of training delivery.

The training methods that Pheonix International utilises are fully interactive, fully immersive and compliments the future of the road transport industry.