Paul Aldridge, BA (Hons), FIHE, PIEMA, WJ Group Sustainability Director

In addition to his role as WJ Group Sustainability Director, Paul Aldridge is vice chair of the RSMA, chair of the NHSS 7 Advisory Committee, HTMA advocate and a member of the LoCITY Waste and Construction Working Group.

Paul has a passion for improving air quality standards, innovation, training and work related road safety. He is also the WJ Director responsible for CSR, environment, quality and compliance.

Presentation:Community Safety Centred Approach in the highways sector
Whatever region of the UK WJ staff happen to be working in - or maybe just travelling through - we consider ourselves part of that community.  As such we have a responsibility to behave in a certain way that respects those communities.

Ensuring minimal impacts and good behaviour is a fundamental part of our ‘Community Safety Centred Approach’, particularly in relation to work related road safety. In fact, as a leading road safety contractor, designing, building and operating a fleet of over 200 specialist LGV road marking vehicles, we have a fundamental responsibility to consider the social and environmental impact on our communities.

WJ have established a training academy which is also a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) approved centre and are committed to continually raising driving standards. WJ are Driving for Better Business (DfBB) Champions.

This presentation will provide a case study to highlight how through driver training, behavioural safety and innovative initiatives you can make a difference for your own drivers and all road users.