Michael Corden, Head of Training, Cycle Confident and BikeRight

Michael is responsible for training and development at Cycle Confident and BikeRight. Cycle Confident works in partnership with 14 London Boroughs to deliver a range of cycle training solutions, including the FORS Approved Safe Urban Driving (SUD) course and the Van Smart course. BikeRight delivers Bikeability training in Merseyside, Manchester and the West Midlands. It also delivers the SUD and Van Smart course.

Michael sits on the Bikeability Trust Effectiveness Advisory Group and is currently working with the Trust on a project aiming to improve driver cycle awareness by piloting practical cycle training for ADIs and online learning resources for ADIs and their learner drivers.

Presentation: The TfL Van Smart Course - Module 2: on-cycle practical
In London, vans account for 80 per cent of all road freight mileage. Vans are involved in 10 per cent of road traffic incidents and 11 per cent of these incidents result in serious injury or fatality. A Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), formerly the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), report revealed that many vans fail their MOT first time and 89 per cent of those stopped were found to be overweight. Van Smart is a Transport for London (TfL) backed programme that aims to reduce work related road risks, improve safety and create long-term behavioural change in the van sector.

Van Smart includes an on-road cycling hazard awareness module. This module gives drivers first-hand experience of feeling vulnerable on busy urban roads and knowledge of how different road users may act in certain situations.